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Clinton Poised to 'Undoubtedly Win' Despite Trump's Rejection of Status Quo


Giulietto Chiesa
lunedì 31 ottobre 2016 20:36

With only a little more than a week until the US presidential elections, political commentators continue to give their thoughts on the results of the November 8 vote; independent journalist Giulietto Chiesa told Sputnik Italia that it is Hillary Clinton who is bound to win the race.

In an interview with Sputnik Italia, independent journalist Giulietto Chiesa said the elite of both US parties had decided that it is the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who will "undoubtedly win the elections if they ever come to a close."

He referred to the major think tanks in Washington, which continue to rack their brains over who will implement the new post-election political program which stipulates a confrontation with Russia and the rest of the world. He also drew attention to the fact that Clinton continues to lead in the polls and that the gap between the two presidential candidates stands at almost zero, which Chiesa said is "a bad sign."

According to him, Donald Trump was able to win his own party and achieve such results because "he managed to attract those hundreds of thousands of voters who usually do not participate in the elections." "The main threat Trump poses to the United States is that he expresses the opinion of the overwhelming majority of voters who reject the current US authorities. These people hate the powers that be and corruption," Chiesa said. In this vein, he quoted US writer Gore Vidal as saying that "American democracy is an eagle which has two wings, both of them right." Chiesa added that the Americans' experience shows that "it is possible to fly even under such conditions, but only if the economy allows the country to do so, a scenario that is unlikely to take place in the US in the near future."

In this context, Chiesa warned of the risk of the US elections seeing "crowds of Americans who never voted before," something that he said may prompt the two-party elite to start rectifying the situation at the last minute.

Chiesa referred to US Vice President Joe Biden, who recently decided to tell people about Russia's alleged attempts to "globally change" the election results in the United States. "Thus, if all goes wrong, you can always blame the results on [Russian President] Putin or just say that Trump is Russia's puppet. But, let's be honest, can America have a President chosen by Russia? Of course not! For God's sake! It is better to have no President," Chiesa concluded.

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