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The attack of the gate keepers

di Giulietto Chiesa pubblicato il 30 gennaio 2017 da Sputnik Italia, tradotto in inglese da Gianfranco Tanese e Leni Remedios

Giulietto Chiesa
venerdì 24 febbraio 2017 10:25

The recent decision taken by Google-Adsense to remove Byoblu - Claudio Messora's blog - from the list of websites allowed to have paid adverts, is the last confirmation that a large offensive is going on against all the media that differ from the mainstream, especially on the Internet.

The very recent action taken by Google-Adsense to exclude Byoblu - the website directed by Claudio Messora - from the list of websites allowed to have paid ads, is the definitive confirmation of the large censorship offensive against independent media. The nature of this offensive is clear: the establishment owning the main media outlets in the world (radio, television, cinema, newspapers and magazines) is evidently losing its public. The Great Dreams & Lies Factory has never stopped building up the global deception it was set up for. But its plan is rapidly failing. Three recently happened events are enough to prove that: Brexit, Trump's electoral victory and the victory for the 'no' campaign at the Italian referendum about the constitutional reforms.

In all three cases the public's answer was the opposite of what the Masters of British, US and Italian mainstream media would have expected. Three severe strokes that at first surprised the "establishment", then led it astonished and finally made it scared. There are several reasons for this turning point and I don't intend to examine them all here. But one of them is, undoubtedly, the existence and the vigorous expansion of other media channels that the "Masters" have failed to control. On top of that, their defeat turned into mockery when the new POTUS really sank the flagship of the global mainstream media in front of the international audience, when he refused to answer a question from a CNN journalist: "You are fake news", he said.

If we don't start with these considerations it may not be possible to understand many things, such as: the delirious EU resolution that calls for a big crusade against the 'fake news', the immediate enrolment of all the 'gate-keepers' and at last (but we are only at the beginning) the deployment of all the social networks, namely the owners of Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. All the noise made around the alleged Russian hackers was meant to divert the attention of the general public yet it is an attempt to gag all the same.

In Italy a special attention is given to Miss Boldrini, who has already recruited the first 'control teams'. The label of 'fake news' has been hurriedly defined. With hilarious and at the same time scary effects such as: 'fake news' are all those news, things, ideas that don't come from the mainstream. Mission not yet accomplished but already going on. In fact, Google has already started to 'shut down' websites that don't match the mainstream's criteria. Messora's case is one of the first 500 closures made by this improvised 'courts' that already issued final verdicts. And they will go further and further with it.

In Italy, according to qualified investigations, there are approximately over 10,000 bloggers and media activists that systematically spread their ideas on the internet, especially on the social networks. A cautious estimate shows that, all together, they reach daily from four up to five million of Italian citizens. The figures are similar in all western countries. To stop them all it will not be an easy task but to frighten many of them - in many ways -it is still possible.

The phase of naïve enthusiasm of those who believed they could indefinitely and freely use the web - because it was outside the control of the 'powerful establishment' - is over. It has been that way for some time: from now on it will not be like that anymore. The 'Masters of the world' cannot afford to give away the biggest power they have. The ownership of the world has always been theirs, now they start to use it.

They are in great advantage: they are few, yet very powerful, united in a strong coalition, protected by governments and their police forces. They are faced by an ocean made of individuals, large but with no financial means, coordination and defence. There are only some symptoms of resistance here and there. In Italy the WAC (Web Activist Community) has just started, it proposes itself as a syndication aiming to protect the interests of the activists. It is necessary to make it grow. It is not the only defence system though.

It is necessary that the democratic community as a whole - politicians elected by the people, magistrates, teachers and civil society organizations - understand the danger we are all facing if the 'powerful establishment' succeeds in gagging us, which is evidently what they have started to do.

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