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The Deadly Contest Between the Two "Deep States of America"

di Giulietto Chiesa pubblicato il 17 febbraio 2017 da Sputnik Italia, tradotto in inglese da Matteo Bianchi e Leni Remedios

Giulietto Chiesa
lunedì 27 febbraio 2017 17:33

One of the two elected Donald Trump as President of the United States.

It is "deep" because it fairly represents the American population. It is not the kind of America which has been narrated for decades by Hollywood; it is not even the Coca Cola and Silicon Valley's America, neither the I-phone-globalization-growth-progress consumerism America. In other words it is not the America which is symbolised by the slogan "We are the best and we are unique".

In conclusion: the American people were and in fact are something different compared to these propagandist common places. Yet defining them in an accurate way is a very complicated task.

To Trump's credit, perhaps the only one, he was able to give a voice to the underprivileged Americans. It would be more simple - and actually true - to say that these are the Americans that the major newspapers, international TV, American banks and big corporations don't like. All these combined don't even make up "the 1% that is getting everything" (definition of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement). To be honest, one has the impression that those demonstrating now in the USA are on the side of that famous "way less than 1%".

This percentage - "way less than 1% -represents the other "deep state" of America. It gathers the organisations that have teamed up against the majority of American people. Its weapons are the ones used by the "Establishment" when it feels to be threatened by the people. The mighty complex made of American secret service - the Pentagon -, the military industry, the controlling system of the so-called "public opinion" is the leading force of all this.

The battle is between these two Americas. And Donald Trump is at stake. Donald Trump is in power and this, in itself, represents a new intolerable fact to those who have dominated America and the Western world, since the United States became the dominant world power, and the only one since 1945 to today. He is a "risky" protagonist for many aspects, who needs to be brought back in order - or out of the way - before he does something that could threaten consensus in Washington. Meaning the network of interests that have built up NATO, have developed it beyond measure and forced all its allies to obey to the "way less than 1%" of Americans.

The paroxysm that we are noticing - and that affect the whole West - is the result of this fight. It's now clear that Donald Trump does not possess a true alternative strategy to his opponents. His slogan "Make America Great Again" is too generic to threaten the enemy. It may appeal to an audience that has been manipulated for decades, actually for centuries. It may appear seductive to an audience that doesn't know "the rest of the world". But it can't persuade the Western allies, which are concerned.

Hopes - raised by the new president's declarations - of the countries not included in "Washington's agreement" are currently wavering after Trump's first hesitations. Russia, China, Iran, Palestine, and the Middle East wonder what Trump really intends to do in order to reset the relationships between "his" America and the rest of the world. And whether he can do it with the "team" that he has chosen to pursue his policies. And, in the end, if he can face the front lines of the America of the "Establishment", which is getting ready to get rid of him. In any case, the whole world is watching this crisis between a divided America. And the winning party will no longer be the ruling America that has dominated the world.

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