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A Vote That is Preparing for War

di Giulietto Chiesa pubblicato il 20 febbraio 2017 da Sputnik Italia, tradotto in inglese da Monica Ricatti e Leni Remedios

Giulietto Chiesa
venerd́ 3 marzo 2017 14:54

"As president, I am guided by the views of my people, and I will hold a referendum on the issue of Nato membership". With these impressive words on the 9th of February Poroshenko - Ukraine President - announced his intention to come full circle, after the coup d'etat that brought him to power in Kiev on February 2014.

Amid the strange silence of the Western media, the quotation was published by the important German newspaper "Frankfurter Zeitung". It was published together with the news of a recent poll, according to which 54% of Ukrainians would now be in favor of an entry into NATO. It said "they would", maybe. Yet the figure might be plausible, if we take into account the propaganda that have bombarded the Ukrainian people during the last three years by all the mainstream media.

The media hype was not much different from the one experienced by the Western countries audiences. The topics are renowned: the cause of all the problems of Ukraine -whether ancient, past or current - is Russia (Soviet Union included). Russia has attacked and invaded Ukraine; Russia has "annexed" Crimea; Russia took the Donbass region etc.

Considering that the last poll before the coup of February 22, 2014 in Kiev, showed that only 16% of the population was in favor of Ukraine joining NATO, we are able to notice now the effectiveness of such media hype.

The same happened to the citizens of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, now NATO's members. They are convinced, by a large majority, that Russia and Putin are about to invade them, which is something completely absurd and lacking evidence.

But this is not the real point. The point is that the figurehead government in Kiev has already re-launched the war against the two republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, in blatant violation of the Minsk agreements 1 and 2, by bombing residential areas and by committing several terrorist attacks. The latest were: the murder of Mikhail Tolstykh (Givi) - Somalia Battalion Commander for the DNR Army -, the assassinations of Colonel Oleg Anashenko - Army Chief-of-Staff for Lugansk People's Republic - and of Arsen Pavlov - Donetsk Army Colonel - on October 16th. The attempted terrorist attacks in Crimea, thwarted by the Russian services, must be added to this list.

The purpose is clear and has been even publicly and repeatedly proclaimed. As the Minister of Kiev for the "temporarily occupied regions", Jurij Grymciak, recently said "We believe that in the near future, a year and a half approximately, we will take back the territories (the Donbass and the Crimea), right when keeping them will be too expensive for the Russian Federation".

If we take into consideration all this, we may say that the silence of Europe is astounding. Here the real intention of Kiev is revealed, which is not to comply- now or ever - the agreements signed in Minsk, which provide preliminary negotiations with the self-proclaimed independent Republics. Besides, the agreements exclude the legitimacy of further hostility against the two Republics. The silence of Europe doesn't only allow the attack, but also demonstrates the total irresponsibility towards its consequences. It's obvious that the fabricated hysteria towards Russia - in addition to a 'yes' vote on NATO membership - would create an explosive mixture that nobody will be able to defuse. A well prepared offensive (tacitly approved by NATO) against DNR and LNR would put Russia in the situation of having to decide whether to allow the massacre of the Russian citizens of the two republics to happen or to react. Not to mention the Crimea. It is unthinkable that the peninsula - as an integral part of the Russian Federation - will be led to a tragic fate.

At this point any move from Russian government that differs from the Ukrainian and Western Europeans plans would be qualified as "aggression". But not only as aggression of Russia against Ukraine (fake news repeated also by our Italian media) but as aggression of Russia against NATO. The "logic" of this chain of events should be evident to any responsible person. Trusting the Nazis in Kiev and Strangelove Generals that guide NATO is nonsense, so it is trusting the CIA, who organized the Nazi coup state in Kiev and is organizing the impeachment against Trump (who, in turn, has very confused ideas on the management of the crisis and was so confused that he had his spokesman declare that he hopes that Russia will return the Crimea to Nazis). This could make the situation precipitate. As the aforementioned Grymciak says, the time is short: one year and a half, maybe two.

Indeed, Petro Poroshenko, just on the 9th of February, announced the beginning of unprecedented military drills on Ukrainian territory. The drills will involve army forces from several NATO member states, in particular United States, Britain, Germany and Canada. Dozens of military convoys and special trains are moving throughout central Europe towards Ukraine. Only a blind man would not be able to connect the dots. The America represented by Trump shows no more signs of sobering than the Obama- Clinton America. The European Union is holding tightly to its booty. There is only one thing to do: prevent the Nazi Ukraine's entry into NATO. We know that the Italian government will not do anything to reverse the tide. It's therefore a task of the people and its representatives not yet poisoned by the war-mongering manipulation. Ukrainians will take their responsibility and vote. But Italy has the duty to vote and decide whether Ukraine can or cannot join NATO. We must do everything we can to force the government to oppose this plan. The point is not to get out of NATO, but it is rather to prevent NATO from dragging us into a pointless and terrible war, where many of us will die. Because this is actually what we are talking about.

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