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World Policy Forum

New Policy Forum

venerd́ 21 maggio 2010 11:06

Press Release

NEW POLICY FORUM (Gorbachev Forum) a.s.b.l.

Official launching in Luxemburg on 21 May 2010


On 21 May 2010, a first session of the NEW POLICY FORUM (Gorbachev Forum) a.s.b.l., a non-governmental, non-profit organization created upon the initiative of former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev with the support o a group of respected political figures representing various countries and continents will be held in Luxemburg.

This forum will continue the mission of the World Political Forum launched by President Gorbachev in 2003 in Turin, Italy which was focused on the analysis of unprecedented changes that transformed the world scene after the end of the Cold War. World leaders past and present have assembled at the events of the World Political Forum to seek out new solutions for the problems of the world and begin to construct the foundations for their resolution by examining what the causes of world disorder are and how they can be managed or solved best. The debate examined the need for a new international architecture to avert a clash of civilisations, and the need to rejuvenate the United Nations.

The current project of the NEW POLICY FORUM (Gorbachev Forum) a.s.b.l. announces the ambition to extend the previous agenda and has as its starting point the common conclusion that contrary to the hopes raised at the end of the Cold War the current international order remains unhinged and unstable. Supranational political and economic institutions are ridden with conflict and disagreement. The hoped for cooperation between states and the new world order at the end of the Cold War has failed to transpire. Only with a determined and concerted multi-lateral and trans-societal combined effort by international actors can this spiral of the international world disorder be averted.

The NEW POLICY FORUM (Gorbachev Forum) a.s.b.l. seeks to examine how to arrange the best possible coordination of international institutions and what models for future order are desirable and achievable to reduce these imbalances and difference in the search for a new political space where civilizations can meet and come to an agreement to manage the international disorder.

Inspired by its founder and President Mikhail Gorbachev, the NEW POLICY FORUM (Gorbachev Forum) a.s.b.l. seeks to become a meeting point and crossroads for cultures, religions, and leaders, an open forum for the whole world that, through analysis and discussion will give guidance and provide new solutions to global problems and strive towards a new world civilization and framework for a democratic international order.

Various world leaders past and present responded to the invitation of President Gorbachev and the international sponsoring committee and supported the proposal to launch a new association with the objective to create a forum for an open debate without ideological background for the purpose of investigating solutions to the global crisis. The NEW POLICY FORUM (Gorbachev Forum) a.s.b.l. is also created with the aim to deal with the serious delays in politics with regard to the new dramatic development of the situation in the world, with the intention of fill the gap between politics, expert knowledge and public opinion.

The association shall bring together all the intellectual forces that want peace and are ready to act together with the aim to organise the life of mankind and nature in ways that would exclude war, diminish risks of conflicts and harmonise the relationship between mankind and nature.

These aims set by the initiators of the New Policy Forum can be achieved by:

  1. organising and encouraging research and analysis on the medium and long term trends in the world politics,
  2. identifying points of crisis, sources of tension from conflicts and elaborating proposals for their prevention, regulation and solution,
  3. analysing the global changes taking place on environmental, cultural and social level with the application to them of new ways of global political thinking.


In order to accomplish such objectives, the NEW POLICY FORUM (Gorbachev Forum) a.s.b.l. shall invite the contribution of various personalities with high competence in politics, of personalities of recognised social importance and moral authority, of scientists, artists, writers, representatives of the different levels of the civil society, Nobel Prize laureates, religious figures, representatives of social organisations, trade unions and humanitarian organisations.