Trying to find who in Washington is targeting Putin and putting Trump up against the wall

di Giulietto Chiesa pubblicato il 6/04/2017 da Sputnik Italia, tradotto in inglese da Alexandra Savulescu e Leni Remedios



Giulietto Chiesa 3 maggio 2017

Connect the dots. At the end of March Navalny started a coloured revolution in Russia. Suddenly, though, someone decided to colour it in red and to detonate a bomb in St. Petersburg’s underground, while Putin was visiting the city. The aim of both the events is to weaken the image of Putin in Russia and all around the world.

The third dot needs to be connected to the other two: the Brandenburg Gate wasn’t lit up. The Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Capitoline Hill in Rome weren’t lit up either. A strange silence was hovering among the western governments (if we exclude some quietly expressed condolences). Almost as if terrorism that targets the enemy is irrelevant.

Compared to other attacks that happened in Europe, the one in St. Petersburg is way more serious, but it hasn’t been adequately publicised.

Here we have the fourth dot that will complete the big picture: the series of picture with the children killed by the “Syrian gas”. According to General Konashenkov''s version, an airplane from Damask bombed a deposit full of chemical weapons possessed by the cutthroats from Al Nusra. The airstrike made the chemical weapons detonate.

It ended up with 85 dead, among them 20 children. All the newspapers and television news editions immediately blamed Bashar al Assad and Putin for having bombed the civilians with chemical weapons. Naturally there was no mention of the Russian version.

Nobody remembers that the chemical weapons possessed by Damask were all delivered to the International Commission that on the first of July 2014 shipped them to a seaport in Calabria.
Everything was confirmed by the Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

To remind this detail would have led to a very simple question: who has supplied the cutthroats from Al Nusra with chemical weapons? The village where the deposit was located - near Idlib - was entirely controlled by terrorists.

But nobody bothers to provide any evidence or even to put simple questions when the allegations involve Russia and Assad. Which advantage is Assad taking in using chemical weapons (which by the way he doesn’t possess) right when he is about to win the war?
The absurdities here are numerous.

The “White Helmets” were on the spot and the footages are theirs.

How could the Oscar winners be so prompt? They have already been revealed as shameless supporters of terrorists.

All of a sudden the terrorism attack in St. Petersburg was totally forgotten by the western mainstream and replaced by the massacre in Khan Khajum, coming with unverified accusations.
The scandal erupted in the UN, Moscow and Damask were blamed for it. Just recently Trump had declared that the main issue was not Bashar Al Assad, but the defeating of ISIS. However - under the emotional pressure aroused by the fake-news - he changed his mind and announced “America will act alone” without waiting for UN Security Council approval.
By showing the photos of the dead Syrian children, The USA envoy to the UN is paving the way to a formal war against Syria (war that’s illegally already in progress, involving 3000 soldiers on the ground).

That is repeating a staging that we have already seen: Colin Powell holding a model vial of anthrax while giving a presentation to the United Nations Security Council, making the case for the war against Iraq.

Have you connected the dots? Then it will be clear what is going on.
The so-called "western coalition", defeated in Syria by the intervention of Russia - who saved Bashar al Assad - created the conditions for resuming the war against Damascus, this time with all their cards on the table.

The western hysteria is a real war plan against Russia.

The making of this type of false flag operations requires a lot of casualties and attacks targeting innocent people. In the meantime the war plan carries on uninterrupted.
Almost no newspaper mentioned that, a few hours earlier, the US aviation had bombed and killed over 200 civilians in Iraq. Double standards. Only a few lines were devoted to that.
Business as usual.

The newspaper “Il Fatto Quotdiano” – which has now become a clear supporter of NATO’s policies - arrived even to the point that it portrayed Putin with blood-stained hands on the front cover. It made it clear that he might be even responsible for the St. Petersburg attack: an ideal summary of the “conspiracy theories” that the newspaper tirelessly denounces.
We are far away from professional ethics.

In the background of this lynching, we can hear and read the messages of "The Masters of the World”, written and said in a way that journalists would repeat them continuously, until they become the Orwellian truth to spread among the flocks of sheep.

Few days before these provocations, the Atlantic Council let know that Putin would invade the Baltic States, Poland and now a further country: Belarus.

It looks as if they all got crazy and they probably did, but these games are not actually "games". As General Fabio Mini recently said, this is already a war - a hybrid war - which however leads directly to the real war, that is, to the nuclear confrontation.

Crazy or not, something is important for them to understand: under these conditions there will not be a conventional war.

The war will become nuclear soon after someone will loose control.

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